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Geobiology Analysis

Centre Christian Piaget offers you a detailed report of your geobiological environment.

* Geobiology analysis
* Cristal Feng Shui
* Knowledge of your life environment
* Searching cosmo telluric flows and their impact on life
* Waves Forms
* Walls memory
* Positive places location for health and well being improvement

Moreover for your environment, the Institute advises you:

The salt crystal lamps allowing to neutralize the toxic ions, as they spread out a beneficial negative ionization for Health. The rock salt of these cleansing lamps, formed more than 200 millions years before, diffuses in our environment a decorative orange lighting, relaxing and soothing.

Pink Quartz, which symbolizes the love and tenderness. Its colour pastel symbolizes calms it and softness. People feel in confidence with you. Blow, pink quartz supports the human relations. You have love to resell and your friends know it well when they come to ask you council. Attention to preserve you too. Pink quartz is the stone which cures wounds in love and sentimental. The unhappy love affairs are attenuated as by miracle just like the physical pain and morals which decreases considerably. Pink quartz still intervenes to help you to find the refreshing sleep.

Crystals Feng Shui of the Swarovsky house. To create rainbows. One of the most effective methods to improve Feng Shui of a hearth, it is to use cut crystals and prisms to collect the sunlight. Suspend these crystals cut with the window and each time the sun is shining, look at these crystals creating brilliances rainbows in the part. That causes to get currents of Chi and it is excellent Feng Shui; it is also particularly effective to establish the harmony and the happiness of the family. These crystals make also circulate very good energies in the house.

Price: depending on demand, hourly rate.


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